IB9 Indicator Bolt

Lock and Hinges 9

The IB9 Indicator Bolt is a stylish lock, at home in both leisure centres, colleges, schools and prestigious retail developments. The lock features a "thumb turn" lever to operate the nickel plated brass shoot bolt, which engages in a custom machined keeper. This model will fit a 12-13mm thick door panel. The face plate incorporates a coin operated emergency release facility for quick access. Due to its design, this lock will not "rattle" when the doors are moved.

Order Codes

IB9A1213 - IB9 Indicator Bolt SAA (12-13mm)

IB9A1721 - IB9 Indicator Bolt SAA (19-21mm)

IB9P1213 - IB9 Indicator Bolt PPC (12-13mm)

IB9P1721 - IB9 Indicator Bolt PPC (17-21mm)

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