Lynx & Orion Cubicles for Education

Lynx & Orion
Lynx & Orion

Colour provides a bright side to childhood and it’s fascinating to try and understand why they are so enamored with it.  The playful, visually stimulating variations of ‘reflected light’ that we see as ‘colour’ provides a dose of happy energy like that of a child.


With this in mind, ALM have created the Lynx and Orion Cubicle Systems, allowing you the opportunity to create a kaleidoscope of colours to suit your specific needs, from a neutral tone through simple pastel colours, to bold primary colours or even digital print, where you start with a blank canvas.

  • Lynx cubicles are available with four different door heights to suit varying age groups and doors can be shaped in a variety of ways to create your desired effect, from subtle curves to sharp turrets, with CNC technology making almost any shape possible.
  • Orion cubicles are specifically tailored for younger children where full height panels might be intimidating and the system is available in two heights to suit the required age group.
  • As Orion cubicles don’t need a headrail, the fascia’s can be shaped in a multitude of ways to fit in with your themes.
  • Orion cubicle doors are fitted with magnetic catches for ease of access and use.
  • Every ALM system comes complete with our "Easy-Fit" instruction sheet, available from our sales team.








Both Lynx and Orion Cubicles benefit from the following features

  • the cubicles stand on a single leg with a large fixing area, which provides the core stability to the system, able to withstand the most knocks and bangs from the most excited children
  • hinges are through fixed into a decorative cap, able to withstand constant slamming without fear of failure
  • Lynx Cubicles are supplied with locking indicators  as standard however magnetic catches for the younger generation are available as an option
  • Emergency access is simplicity itself giving peace of mind to teaching staff and parents in the event that the child becomes ill or distressed.

ALM offer a full design and consultation process so you can rest assured your needs will be fully met and were always on hand to offer technical and site installation support.

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