Hat & Coat Hook

Hat & Coat Hook

This screw fix hat & coat hook is fitted with a rubber buffer to prevent the door banging off the partition. It is fixed to the door using two countersunk screws on 17mm panels, or through fixed to the door on 12-13mm panels using a "T" Nut and screw.

It is available in a silver anodised or powder coated finish to a colour of your choice.

There are two sizes 12-13mm & 17-21mm, all fixings are included in the pack.

Order Codes

HOOK01A13           Hat & Coat Hook (SAA) Thro Fix 13mm

HOOK01P13          Hat & Coat Hook (PPC) Thro Fix 13mm

HOOK01A1721    Hat & Coat Hook (SAA) Screw Fix 17mm+

HOOK01P1721    Hat & Coat Hook (PPC) Screw Fix 17mm+  

For other finishes and fixing styles please call our sales team.

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